What makes us all so wonderfully diverse?

Our unique experiences, talents, interests, and desires- not to mention our families and our genes- all combine to make us individuals. So we’re all great and complicated.

But sometimes you might feel like all your pieces don’t fit together, or as if you’re an unhappy mystery to yourself. There might be parts of you that feel impossible to accept. Maybe you’re confused, angry, or sad. Maybe you’re doing things that are not in your best interest.

And maybe you’re just fine, but the world that you live in makes it really hard to feel sane and functional.

At these times it can help to have a trustworthy person to talk with. I am a respectful and experienced guide and can offer useful approaches to help you heal. I can help you to set (and meet) goals that matter to you, and I can support you in venturing safely out of your comfort zone. I will actively assist you in your healthy growth.

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