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We are each formed by our unique experiences, talents, interests, and desires. This makes us complicated and wonderful. However, sometimes it can feel like all our pieces don’t fit together. There may be aspects of ourselves that it feels impossible to accept, or we may feel confused or sad. We may do things that are not in our best interest. Sometimes we are an unhappy mystery to ourselves.

At these times it can help to have a trustworthy person to speak with confidentially.

I am a respectful, experienced, and supportive guide and can offer useful approaches to help you heal. I can help you to explore possibilities and to set (and meet) goals. As an observant and intuitive counselor, I can also challenge you to venture safely out of your comfort zone. I will actively assist you in your healthy growth.

What does this process look like?

We will talk about the present: what is troubling you? What are your strengths and successes? What is satisfying? What is frustrating; what feels stagnant? We will talk about your past as it relates to the challenges and pain you are experiencing. We’ll also look to the past for examples of what has worked well for you. If you like, we’ll set goals and identify what you can do to reach them. Through exploration, reflection, and taking action, you’ll be able to look forward to your future with optimism and trust.

This may seem complex; you may have decisions to make and actions to take before you have found all the answers. Together we can determine how to do that.

Therapy is often thought of as a longer-term process, but sometimes a short series of sessions can be very effective. I am happy to talk with you about what’s best for you.